Here is the 2017 line-up! Check back regularly as more sign on.

Bechdolt’s Orchards 

Local apples, strawberries, pears, peaches, nectarines, plums, apricots, preserves, and squash!

Fresh from their farm to your table, seasonal produce: veggies, fruit, and cider.

Bramble Ridge Farm

  Local honey, pure beeswax candles, soaps, and lotions.
Here at Bramble Ridge Honey Farm, Frank and Diane are dedicated to bringing you the best quality honey and products from the hives possible. They take care to make sure all our products are fresh and natural. Our honeys are taken from hive to bottle with minimal processing to retain all the good things in honey. Our lotions use only the best natural oils and essential oils. Our Candles are 100% pure beeswax, which are clean burning and actually clean the air. Our soap is made the old fashioned way using cold process

Chartier Poultry

New in 2017: chicken bacon and sausage.

Organically raised, free range chicken. Chicken and duck eggs. Maple syrup from their upstate family NY farm.

Flint Hill  Dairy Farm

Try the cheddar varieties.

Artisan cheeses–ready to be aged. Learn more about their educational center. Taking orders for raw milk, eggs and specialty cheeses!  Ask about their yarn.

Jett’s Produce

Organically raised produce.

Homemade preserves, jellies, sauces, fermented canned goods, and relishes.

New in 2017: LV Kombucha

Strawberry-Raspberry-and More

LV Kombucha is locally produced, making  40-60 gallons per week of flavored, fresh pressed fruit juices.  Komucha is a slightly fermented tea and probiotic beverage. Try it and see!

New in 2017: Peanut Butter and More Specialty

Coming this year with peanut, almond, hazelnut butters in multiple  flavors . Try them all!

Fresh roasted  peanuts –natural, organic, honey roasted, chocolate. Locally ground .

New in 2017: Tomblers Home Bakery

Featuring homemade Scottish pasties,  fruit pies, pierogies, cookies, and scones.

 Everything is fresh, delicious, and made by folks with years of experience.

Warm Sugar Bakery

Baked goods are handmade in the Lehigh Valley with organic and locally sourced ingredients. Winner of the 2012 most decadent dish.

Featuring cupcakes, cake, and scones.  Great sour dough bread.

Willow Haven Farm

Try the greens. New this year: eggs. Christine will be back with food tips; she also planned on making dried arrangements.

Our own organically grown vegetables.Order ahead from our organic meat selection includes grass-fed beef, pastured pork and chicken, and Alaskan salmon.  We also have pastured eggs, raw cheese, organic sourdough bread, honey, and maple syrup.

New in 2017: Wholesome Food Farm

Offers all natural, grass fed Black Angus beef, for a more nutritious and delicious beef: Beef jerky (nitrate free), brisket, sausage, chip steak, Delmonico steak, ground beef, London broil, sirloin, filet mignon, skirt steak, NY strip steak…   Gotta see this menu !

Cattle have free range in our lush pastures, made up of clover, timothy, orchard grass and alfalfa…never confining to a feed lot. During the winter months, cattle are fed naturally grown hay from our own farm.  Cattle are never fed corn or any type of grain, adhering to the grass-fed guidelines.   Growth hormones and antibiotics are NEVER used.

Food Carts


Freshly cut french fries with toppings, potato salad, cabbage potato soup, rice and beans, mozzarella cheese empanadas. Drinks: tropical strawberry, Manzana apple, or Inca cola, and bottled water.

Kettle Corn and Nuts!

A variety of popped corn and roasted nuts–almonds, walnuts, pecans. Made by the Popcorn Pit.

Freshly made on the spot with a number  of extras. Try the roasted nuts!

Entertainment and Activities

Exercise before shopping:

Yoga at 11 AM: Dates to follow.


Dave Fry A folksinger: adult, children’s and family-music performer —arts educator/entrepreneur and good-time rascal, all rolled up in one! Sponsored by Tim Brion State Farm Insurance

Service Providers

Meet  our own West Side Merchants. Find out more about what they do and how they can help you. Coupons and prizes. Beginning in July.

Art and Crafters Day

The 3rd Saturday of each month.